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The Akribis Group is capable of providing a broad scope of education and training as well as practical application of collection, analysis, and planning support essential for organizational effectiveness to enhance competitive agility, business resiliency, and confident preparedness for the most challenging needs of our clients. Akribis services are provided only to the most exclusive clients – we do not advertise and we work on an intimate basis to provide you and your organization with the best service, information, intelligence, equipment, planning and training possible. Routine to extreme, Akribis provides innovative solutions for extraordinary situations.

CETIS, our open source research and analysis division, is dedicated to identifying, better comprehending, and accurately assessing the present and future security threats posed by a variety of violence-prone extremists and their enablers as well as business competitive intelligence.


We guarantee complete discretion and confidentiality. If you require any of our services, please contact us for further information, references, and a realistic assessment of your needs and how we can assist.

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