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The Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS), an independent division of the Akribis Group, is a research center dedicated to identifying, better comprehending, and accurately assessing the present and future security threats stemming from a variety of violence-prone extremists and their enablers. In an effort to improve existing scholarship, inform policy, and provide guidance about these important, specialized, and often arcane topics, CETIS undertakes in-depth, cutting-edge research and prepares innovative analyses of terrorist groups, clandestine and covert operations, and political and religious extremism.


The Center brings together a unique group of scholars and analysts in order to investigate both existing and emerging asymmetrical and unconventional threats. CETIS currently receives project funding from a variety of sources, including scientific and academic foundations, government subcontractors, non-governmental organizations, private sector companies, and individual benefactors.


Visit the CETIS website here.

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