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Founded in 1997, The Akribis Group provides comprehensive services for Governments,

Military, Law Enforcement, Security Organizations, Corporate Enterprises, and Individual VIP’s in need of solutions for complex, “high-risk” operations around the globe. Our mission is to advance the success of each client and demonstrate excellence by providing exceptionally comprehensive research and analysis, effective technology and training, and discrete full spectrum operations management while fostering confidential and enduring relationships.


The organization is composed of several components that represent a variety of specialty functions. Each of these divisions consists of internationally experienced domain specialists. Our founders and current staff excel in their respective fields and are capable of providing an extraordinary level of proficiency and discretion to accomplish our clients’ goals.


As a risk solution provider, commercial intelligence producer, and operational consulting company, The Akribis Group maintains its own worldwide network of information research and intelligence analysts, surveillance technicians, forensic psychologists, and former military professionals capable of operating in high-risk environments to support multi-echelon operations by enforcement authorities, government agencies, or corporate enterprises.

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