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Risk Management and Operational Planning

Seira is the Risk Management division of the Akribis Group. Staffed by exceptional people with uncommon expertise, our world-wide network provides objective and discrete collection of information, situational analysis, decision support, operational planning and implementation management for every aspect of client operations.


  • Risk Management: Assessment and Mitigation providing optimized and resilient client operations increasing competitiveness within business sector, incident avoidance, and consequence management.
  • Operational Planning and Implementation: Akribis operational staff plan and discretely accomplish tasks, under any condition, to advance client interests when transparency is desirable.
  • Complex Security Project Consulting
  • Facilities (Pre-build design and renovation)
  • Specialized Surveillance & Investigations
  • Executive/VIP Services and Events
  • Policy , Plans, and Training Audit, Validation Exercises and Drills

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